Friday, 20 April 2012

Final Major Project: Texture Painting (Part 4)

With the shield and sword textures complete I moved onto texture painting Gutsy.

Like the skeleton I started out by painting in the block colours over the UV map. Due to the amount of precision of the UV map this stage was pretty basic and already made the Gutsy model look half finished when added to it (oddly enough it looked like a model from the online game runescape from a few years back). With the base colours all layed out I went about making sure each individual component poped out, this was completed by using the gradient tool on the edges of each component. With that on top I used the brushes and pen tool to highlight the edges like with the skeleton. This overall stage was perhaps the longest as I had to keep going back and making sure the brush lines matched up to the geometry properly and that the effect I tried worked well etc.

With the gradients and the highlighting done I moved onto adding the metal plates on the arms, using the same technique as the plates on the skeleton of embossing and beveling. This took some trial and error to get it to match up just right but in the end I feel I got it to work well with the design. Finally I added the heart logo from the shield and Gutsy's Body was complete, it was time to move onto texturing his face.

To try get the eyes right was more of an accident, after trying various effects and technique nothing was looking quite right, it all looked flat and dull. Whilst reading a Gaming magazine I saw an ad for an old playstation game and looked carefull at how the eyes were textured and modelled. it seemed that the eyes were slightly indented into the face so I thought I might try this approach. I first drew out the eyes with the 'inking' brush to get a hard edge and when it was placed on the model I selected the vertices around the eye and pushed them into the head slightly. The difference was noticbly better looking so I used the same technique for the eye brows and adjusted the geometry once they were complete.

With that I thought I was finished but I looked at it again and thought about how I could make the face pop out more, I went back into the texture map and added an emboss/beverl effect on them and sure enough this did the trick. By setting the specific settings well enough I managed to make them catch attention without look weird, on my final inspection I decided that Gutsy's hood was too far back and made his head look weird after adjusting this I took one last look and had decided that Gutsy's texturing wa finished!

I moved his weapons into the right position, adjusted his hands to it looked like he was holding them and finished the model to be animated by Will.

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