Friday, 27 April 2012

Final Major Project: The SFX of Gutsy's Quest (Part 1)

For the Sound Effects I looked at the list of sounds that were required. From experience I've found the best thing to do is to try retrieve sounds that closesly resemble the sound you're after and adjust them accordingly in the which ever music software you have.

I also picked up a selection of the BBC SFX Library CDs to see if any of the sounds could be used, after cycling through them I found that most of them seemed dated but really didn't match my base ideal sound for the various sfx.

After searching on the internet for various sounds (some that matched others that did not) I came across the website called The website specialises in royality free music and sfx.  with a strong predigree of clients such as SEGA and Microsoft.

After searching I found the 3 sounds I was looking for and they were priced at a fairly resonable level, intotal 3SFX cost me just over £5 using Paypal and they were immediately sent to me via email in the format I wanted. The Tracks were exactly the kind of sound I was looking for. With all the sounds I've collected there are still a few that need to be made in Ableton Live.

I would use again when it comes to any projects that I may have in the future that come with a budget.

Now it's time to move onto creating the SFX. Once they're done all the components for the project are complete and just need putting into the game altogether.

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