Friday, 27 April 2012

Final Major Project: The SFX of Gutsy's Quest (Part 2)

Today I've spent time finelining the SFX, adjusting and making them sound how I'd want the sound design in Gutsy's Quest to sound like.

The SFX can be found by clicking here! On there I've added comments of which individual sound is which to make this next section a little easier to annotate.

1. Start Sound. This sound will play when the player selects start on the start screen. I wanted a sound that got players excited and I felt that the use of the sword unsheaving was a good way to go but it needed something else. By adding in a mallet sound I feel that it adds well and if there's a dissolve transition between the pages and the bg music stops as soon as the "dong" sound happens it should be a goodtranistional sound for the gameplay to enter with.

2. Select Sound. A simple Mallet/percussion sound that will play when players select options in the menu and move between scrolls on the tutorial screen. I just thought this would be a good sound to add in for nostalgia's sake to old RPGS.

3. Walking on Grass.This is one of the SFX I bought from I feel it'll work best to convey the sound that Gutsy's and the skeletons are walking on grass as close as possible without having to go out a record the sounds myself. The sample just needs offsetting when adding it into the game to make it sound like it's more realistic.

4. Sword Swing. This sound will be used when character's swing their swords. Again bought from It's fairly self explanetory and I feel that it's just right for a cartoony effect as well.

5. Sword Hit. This sound takes the sword swing and adds a cymble crash to denote contact with an enemy. The ideal of using the cymble crash it too keep things light hearted and not realistic. Hopefully it should work. I got inspiration for this sound from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

6. Coin Pick up. Just a simple sound to denote the pick up of a coin. There were sample of coins being dropped into money bags but I wanted this to keep a videogame feeling about this so I felt using a simple sound were work best.

7. Enemy Appears. I chose this sound as enemies will be appearing from clouds of smoke as though they've just been cast into existence by the evil wizard thus a "poof" sound was obvious most suitable.

8. Enemy Dies. Using the same poof soundI also added in a quick down scale on a mallet based instrument to imply that the skeleton collapses when defeated by Gutsy but the Poof sound is there to mask the fact that the enemy just disappears behind another cloud of smoke.

9. Health Refill. This is simple sound to denote that th eplayer picked up an item that restores health. I think it works well and again plays to nostalgia, but is also a distinctly different sound from the others so that it should become instantly recognisable to players after a few play throughs.

10. Woo Destroyed. This sound is for use when the player destroys barrels and crates, I took an original sample that was a bit too low and uped the pitch to make it sound lighter. I think it'll work just fine for use in the game and along with the sword swing should make for effect sfx.

11. Gutsy Died. This is more a little melody that will play when the player runs out of health and just before the game over screen. By playing down a scale I think it really adds to the sense that the player failed and it should flow into the game over music quite nicely.

12. Try again. This brief melody will play when the player selects "try again" in the game over screen, again it's composed in a way to try recapture a bit of nostalgia from old games.

I believe that along with the soundtrack and these sfx that's all of the music production done. Obviously if there were more time I would have liked to master them and make the levels more accurate but overall I feel we have a strong enough bunch of resources to build the game with.

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