Thursday, 26 April 2012

Final Major Project: Revisiting The Start Screen

Along with the other comments in the Final Crit one was suggested that we animate the start screen slightly with a highlight on the blade of the sword.

Here is an example of that here. I also added in the cursor from the pause and game over screens to see how it would look and I feel it works and looks good against the illustration. The shine effect is a bit basic but I think it works (albiet needing to be animated better but for this example it works well) and does add just that little more umpf to the screen. I also added in an audio option to give an example of what the screen might look like on an ios device. But if need be for future versions this symbol could easily be a wrench to give players the ability to set their own preferences such as screen size, sfx volume, background music volume etc. so that space could be utilised differently for different formats.

With some minor adjustments still being needed to be made to the coin icon I've almost finished the all the graphical work for the game and will be moving onto the new challenge of creating the game's audio, both background music and sound effects!

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