Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Final Major Project: Revisiting Gutsy

Considering the slight change in the art style for the other characters I thought it'd be a good idea to revisit the Gutsy design and re-ink and colour the design to bring it up to the current standard. One other aspect which was changed was the method of inking on the swords, changing from free hand to using the pen tool gives the result of a much more solid looking object.

I also added the dynamic shading by use of black within the colour and adjusted the shading creating a much sleeker look to Gutsy. I'm glad I went back and touched this up as I feel besides from upping the quality of the design it also gives it a slight more professional edge as over the course of this design phase I feel that I've developed my skills with using photoshop in terms of creating more graphic based concept art and the learning curve that came with this whilst a bit slow has come to a point where I'm proud of this piece as it looks more professional compared to the other designs.

I also feel this design retouch makes Gutsy look cooler and more appealing as a playable character to the audience. With Gutsy touched up I'll move onto translating him into a turnaround for the sake of translating this flat 2d design into blueprints for the 3D model.

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