Thursday, 26 April 2012

Final Major Project: Revisiting The GUI (Part 1)

Since The final Crit Will and I have been steam rolling towards putting Gutsy's Quest together. Whilst Will is polishing off animations and various pieces of Code it was up to me to revisit the GUI and make sure it's up to scratch.

The First thing that was decided was to change the health bar into a numeric based system but we still wanted to keep Gutsy's Head in the GUI so I simply modified the HUD graphic preserve that. We also changed the idea of the score system, now players will have an over arching score and a score for coins collected, for this obviously I had to make score and coin graphic.

I also modified the instructional scroll by adding decals to the top corners and making the lines bolder. I then put these altogether in an example screen to play with how the screen should be layed out and I think this works bests, it's not intrusive and hopefully shouldn't distract the player whilst also displaying the correct information. I also feel that the art style all blends well together, the colours and aesthetic of the graphics really do suit the world of Gutsy's Quest and integrate quite nicely with the 3D environments.

I think I need to go back and touch up the coin icon as it looks a little out of place and find a better shade of yellow for the type displaying the numeral values but overall I think Gutsy's Quest is going to turn out really well from this screen.

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