Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Final Major Project: Prop Development (Part 2)

As well as props for the environment, Will and I talked about adding new elements to the game such as destructible box containing items and so these had to be developed/design aswell.

Like the props and turnaround the destructible object sheets have annotations for when it comes to modelling them. To the right is one image of four depicting the destructible and pick up items, again like the design and turnaround sheets the images on the sheets have variations which I talked to Will about which ones we should use. I feel the illustrations translate the idea of what the objects should be used for and that the quality of the illustration is perhaps even a little better than the characters designs. These props are key to what makes the game world so unique and I feel that these object's aesthetic will look good in Gutsy's World and give the player both a familiar but varied world to experience.

With all the design work almost done I'll soon be moving onto the ever important modelling stage.

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