Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Final Major Project: Prop Development (Part 1)

Once the character designs and turnarounds had been completed it dawned on me that we would need assets for the level and to make sure we know what they look like of course they would have to be designed. I stress though that being props I felt that I wouldn't have to create turnarounds for each individual as a modellers can look at these assets and build them relatively easily.

Like the turnaround sheets I also added notes for when in comes to modelling it, generally referring to the scale of the items to be built.

In these sheets I focused on some of the more prominent parts of the graveyard level, namely the grave stones and trees and the fence that would surround the level. Overall I feel these designs work well (I like the humour on the grave stones) and also show progression in my skills with my new inking brush, along with my colouring and shading skills. It was oddly relaxing to just sit and draw minor things that would appear in the game so perhaps there could be a career for being a prop artist for me!

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