Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Final Major Project: Prop Development (Part 4)

Before moving on I quickly realised that I had not developed or atleast drawn out a sheet depicting the characters weapons.

This proved useful as I had to think more laterally about how these objects would be modelled in three dimensional space. Needless to say the designs changed slightly to make modelling slightly easier.

I also put notes on the sheet explaining how the objects should be placed onto the characters and little notes about keeping poly count down.

When looking at these and the other prop designs I feel that my skills have improved or atleast finally conformed to the idealistic aesthetic that Will and I are trying to achieve with Gutsy's Quest. Regardless I'm proud of how these recent pieces have turned out as they've strong images that really (hopefully) give a sense of professionalism.n Trough designing characters and props on this project I feel I'm building up quite the portfolio that would be ideal for a job at a company who deals in family friendly or ios games, which really wouldn't be too bad, ofcourse I could always set up my own game company.

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