Monday, 30 April 2012

Final Major Project: Promoting Gutsy's Quest

Considering we will be presenting Gutsy's Quest at two showcases (Game Republic and our own end of year show). It'll obviously be a good plan to start considering, planning and buying specially printed promotional materiel for not only Gutsy's Quest but, ourselves as games designers.

The most obvious choice for the producer of our promotional material was Vista Print, primary as they have great feedback but also they're currently have some great discounts of various products.

Below I've listed the items we're considering buying, why, for how much and what it'll need:

Business Cards: Currently 250 for £3 (marked down from £17.99) or 500 for £4. 80 (marked down from 27.74)
Will and I decided we can split costs and have the Business Cards dual printed, one side with each other's details on. This cuts cost but also promotes the idea that we're a team (which we are) that I think would go down well with anyone interested in our work.

Banner Sign: 1 for £35.49
This would be a flag of sorts to draw attention to ourselves and Gutsy's Quest. There's a good chance that I'll need to design something to appear on the banner. If the image looks as though it can draw attention to us with a high level of quality and banner would be indispensable!

Stickers: 1 Sheet for £2
These would be printed at the college as it's cheaper and has a laser cutter for custom designs. We found that people love free stuff (surprise, surprise) and that the stickers went down really well at the last show we had, as well as acting as a good jumping off point to talk to people about our work. I'm think several different sticker designs and try get around 500 printed so the exact price will be calculated on the day of printing.

Flyers: 250 for £19.25
I say flyers but I was actually thinking to use them as mini posters to give away at events along with the stickers. Again some new art may have to be made up but that's not a problem as there's plenty of time between now and game republic.

T-Shirts: 1 for £5.87
I was thinking of getting two shirts printed up for Will and I to wear at the show but this might look a little twee. It's still an Idea.

Gutsy statue: quote needed
Looking into 3d printing, there's a good chance that we may get a model of Gutsy made to put on display at shows. Of course there's a few details needed to be ironed out for the Gutsy Model to look exciting but it's little touches like this in our presentation that will get used noticed and stand out from other people presenting their work.

Comic: ??? for ???
For the last several weeks I've been working on a comic in my spare time that I feel carries the same type of humour and story telling as Gutsy and by printing it out using all my unused printer credits at uni and giving it away free at these events I think I can really push to get my own name out there as an artist and create a good vibe with people with the rest of the free promotional items.

On top of all this we have a blogspot where we'll be planning to put all of the Gutsy Blog posts from both Will and I so that after people see the show and take away a business card they can got to the website to see how it was made.

Another option we could also consider is contacting the website for The USB company, and getting a limited run of small storage sized, custom USB stick to put the Gutsy's Quest game (game republic version) and various other data on. This could be a great promotional tool and we'll definitely look into it further in the future.

Promotion is key and we want Gutsy's Quest to Succeed. Plan? Promoted the Hell out of it as budget is not too much of an issue.

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