Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Final Major Project: Princess Development (Part 4)

Continuing the work on Princess Fairly I finally put together something of a final design. Using a previous sketch I uploaded it to photoshop and began to work on top of it by using a soft brush the result was this design to the right that I feel works well for Princess Fairly.

Her design is light hearted looking but keeps the visual cue of her being a 'kind' character. I feel the design of the dress is a good mix of traditional princess with a slightly more modern twist adding elements of a shorter hem on the dress. I also feel that the design also makes the character look young adding to the affinity of Fairly being a Princess (hopefully touching on the visual cues of what people see a Princess are without being too much of a cliché).

I feel that this design is a good look for Fairly and will add variety in terms of design to the Gutsy character line-up. This method of drawing out a rough design with paper and pencil and working on top of it with photoshop is a good way to develop design that could prove to be tricky as with functions such as the layer function which allows you to draw multiple design over a base template. This technique is something I could potentially pick up as a more regular part of the design process.

With the Princess Fairly design fleshed out much more than previously I feel it's about time to move it on and create the final version.

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