Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Final Major Project: Princess Development (Part 5)

Taking the the fleshed out design of fairly I applied the same process as the previous designs of going over the pencils (traditional or Digital) with my custom ink brush, making sure the designs pop out more I use different weight on the lines such as a ticker line on the over outside shape of the design but also large areas of black on the design as a way of adding dynamic shading.

When it came to colour design I experimented slightly with colour motifs and settled on using a powdered blue colour scheme to be slightly reminiscent of Princess Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. The colour scheme was used to bring together the feeling of a princess to the audience as to sort of hold their hand in terms by showing them something that would appear familiar to make the design easily readable at first glance such as when a player looks at Gutsy they should go "yeah that's a knight, he's the hero" and hopefully get this result from all the characters.

I feel the design for Princess Fairly works well and adds a bit of originality to the Princess look and adhears to the Gutsy's Quest aesthetic. Much like the Devioso, Princess Fairly is a character who will only appear in cutscenes so I used this to my advantage by not trying to think about how the design would work in three dimensional space. With Fairly done it's time to move on to creating the turnarounds for the characters that will appear in the actual game.

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