Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Final major Project: Princess Re-Design

Taking the advice from the intrim crit I revisited the Princess Fairly Design and tried to make it more "princess-like". Using the same method to design her first iteration I drew over the top of the final design until I had something that could work.

I looked back at my Princess moodboard and decided just to go full cliché with the design. The end result is what you see to the right. The colour scheme was kept the same but the pose and dress have been changed the results creates a much more modest and delicate looking princess and I must agree it's probably alot more easily identifiable to a wider audience. So the design has greatly been improved in terms of convention and it didn't really take long to adjust so it's a win-win situation. Perhaps Princess Fairly now looks much more like a visual representation of her namesake.

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