Monday, 9 April 2012

Final Major Project: Modelling (Part 3)

With Gutsy's Body completed I moved onto creating his weapons.

Before that I took one last moment to check the directions of the faces on the model, thankfully they all faced the right direction. I softened the polygons to give Gutsy a bit of a less harsher look and proceeded to creating his weapons.

The weapons were easy to build, using an image plane, I built them from basic cube prims using the extrusion method. With the sword and shield created all the parts of the Gutsy model are complete, I decided the best thing to do would be add the textures and them apply the items to the Gutsy model.

Overall the process to create the Gutsy model was relatively easy, past experiences have given me the skills to create the model quickly and efficiently (This one taking just over 24 hours total) and despite little difficulties such as sorting out the outward faces there were no problems, I feel that the appearance also realises the design quite faithfully and that the visual aesthetic should match what we're aiming for. With careful unwrapping of the UVs and careful texture mapping this could be the best model I've ever worked on.

With the model complete the next step would be to move onto the UV unwrapping and from there texuring.

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