Monday, 9 April 2012

Final Major Project: Modelling (Part 2)

Following mirroring of the geometry I started to work on Gutsy's head starting with the rim of his chain mail hood. I figured the best method to create the head would be to start from a new object and attach it to the body afterwards.

Creating the head was relatively simple forming the shapes to both match the turnarounds but also make it look better with improvised input. Key Parts which were difficult to make were the brow and the hair. One of the things I've learned over the years is the key skill of translating two dimensional imagery into three dimensional space, this proves tricky from time to time such as the hair but eventually by just approaching it slowly I felt I created something that works well and stays true to the design.

For the moustache I just used a flat plane and for the details on the face, they'll come through on the textures but I feel that even without the textures you can see the connection between the model and the design.

With the head completed I made the two objects one by combining them and them attaching them together at the vertices. Through out the project I had to make sure the anomaly of the faces all suddenly turning inwards didn't happen and luckily this time it only happened once.

With the head attached to the body, Gutsy is complete! But wait...where's his shield and sword?

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