Monday, 9 April 2012

Final Major Project: Modelling (Part 1)

Finally I'm onto the modelling phase. Taking the turnaround images I arranged them as so into the 3D plane and began to build Gutsy. I used the extrusion method as I felt that it would work best considering the graphical style I want to achieve with Gutsy's Quest. Chasing a cartoon like aesthetic should result in a low polycount but overall by keeping it simple this should result in a higher quality model.

Using the extrusion method I started with the waist and built Gutsy from there. Extruding to the body I then shaped it using the vertices to conform with both the turnaround images but also adjust it along the way to conform to my own mental image.

I then extruded the arms and legs to the wrists and ankles. I created the gloves by pulling them out from the arm geometry, the feet and hands were a slight challenge but through lateral thinking and just taking my time. Through the process I also added an extra detail such as folds onto the boots.

With the main build of the body completed I deleted half of the body to mirror it to have perfectly symmetrical geometry.

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