Monday, 9 April 2012

Final Major Project: Menu Screen Feed Back

Most recently I showed some of the work I had completed to a friend who works at a local game studio and received some good advice such as making the pause menu bolder around the edges and feedback on the title screen overall the feed back was positive and that for a first time effort it was looking good. Along with making the edges bolder on the menus he also suggested adding a gradient to the scrolls to give off a warmer glow.

It was good to get this advice from a qualified source ofcourse this advice all came from his own opinion but the added adjustments did make the overall image look better.

We also traded information on texturing such as the technique used in the kingdom hearts games, this I'll touch on when it comes to the texturing stage.

I feel that my friend gave me great advice that really did improve my work and reminds me of the importance of critiquing.

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