Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Final Major Project: Intrim Crit

This week was the Intrim Crit where in Will and I present our progress and how we're on the cusp of the production phase. Overall feed back was good and urged us to continue what we're doing (much to our relief). Several things were noted on such as the design of the princess and how she looks a bit too much like a 30s flapper girl and not enough like a princess and the shape of the HUD looking like a "grey caterpillar", needless to say I will revisit these during the modelling stage and adjust them based on the feedback we received.

Both Will and I feel that it went well and that we don't have to worry about time slipping away from us. We clearer understand our project fully as every question we were asked we could answer in confidence which is really reassuring in hindsight.

With of list of changes that are needed and the seal of approval to move on Will and I will do just that.

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