Thursday, 26 April 2012

Final Major Project: I Made a Game Boy!

I was bored and couldn't sleep the other night and the result was this very simple Gameboy model. I'm thinking about having it in the Gutsy's Quest (For the Game Republic Version)  as an easter egg of sorts but I didn't make the texture (taken from a papercraft website) and it's not really relevant to anything. Regardless to say, these little nods to other to pieces of pop culture make fans go crazy with excitement so the idea of adding some kind of reference to another game may not be a bad idea, just one that's more suited to the tone of Gutsy might be better like maybe a Zelda reference?

Either way it's fun to create these small models that only take about 15 minutes to make.

(I could just change the screen on the game boy to show a Zelda game though..... hmm)

(I seem to be thinking about the potential of Gutsy's Quest alot these days...)

(Also this is my 150th post of the school year, huzzah!)

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