Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Final Major Project: HUD Research

After talking with Will about what steps we should take next (such as the ever continuously delayed modelling stage) we realised we needed Graphic Interfaces such as a HUD (Heads up display) and pause menus. So we made a list of the things we needed to develop for the screen such as an instructional screen, health bar, score counter and pause menu.

Considering will had a very basic version of the game built we decided that we would need a health bar first and foremost. so I decided to do some quick research but also considering I'm a fairly seasoned video game I feel I've had plenty of experience with health bars and HUDs so this was more of a quick reminder to what they should feature.

To the right here is a collection of HUDs from various games and the most common element between them is that vital information such as health or special power is located in the top left and score counters in the top right. There are some exceptions where the HUD is located in the bottom of the screen. Health can be displayed in a variety of ways ranging from heart icons to a bar that fills and empties. Another feature that seems prominent is the like any design feature the HUD must look like it fits in with the game and that it's easily identifiable against the 3D world.

So what to take away from this is that the best position for the health bar is the top left, and that it should be similar to the tone and design of the game. It should also be bold and stick out from the game itself making it easily understandable for the player. With this in mind and my general experience of HUDs I'll move on to creating the HUD for Gutsy's Quest.

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