Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Final Major Project: HUD Development

When it came to designing the health bar for Gutsy's Quest I started out by drawing out various rough ideas in my note books. From the ideas I jotted down the concept of a heart based design featuring Gutsy's face. I chose the heart system as I felt it's easily for players to see and understand, the use of the face is to also build a relationship between the player and Gutsy as during the game Gutsy's face will rarely be seen facing the camera so by putting his face constantly in view the players can become very familiar with Gutsy.

I feel that this HUD works quick well and conforms to the observations I made in the research phase and infact the idea to have the characters face appear on the HUD is lifted from another game, the design works quick well it's simple and easy to understand and should pop out when put on the screen.

This is pretty much the first rendition of the HUD and I feel it can work for a good place holder for now but I'll definitely revisit the design and touch it up, one such idea in development is to have Gutsy's face change the lower his health bar gets to invoke a sense of urgency in the player to make them a bit more erratic when playing to up the difficulty in a psychological way.

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