Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Final Major project: Gutsy Turnaround

Looking at the Gutsy design I went forward with translating the flat design into four separate images that can be used as blueprints for the 3D model.

This process is relatively simply and really all it requires is lateral thinking on how the character would look in three dimensional space.

Considering that I've been creating these for sometime I feel I can competently create a turnaround but the difference this time round is that I also added notes on how Gutsy should be modelled, adding little annotations on mindsets to have when modelling the overall character and how little details such as the lip of the gloves should be modelled. I feel that this is good practice for future work as I would be able to create a turnaround and pass on the sheet to a separate modeller that these tips may come in handy. In this case it's a moot point as I'll be handling the modelling stage of Gutsy but the skeleton enemy will be modelled by Will so these little notes should prove useful to keep up a certain amount of consistency.

With the turnaround for Gutsy complete I'll move onto creating the turnaround for the skeleton enemy using the same techniques here and adding little notes for the modeller.

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