Saturday, 28 April 2012

Final Major Project: Gutsy's Quest Music and SFX Impressions.

With the Sound Effect finished will and I now have everything we need to start putting the game together. Originally this was going to happen on the 27th but tat got pushed back to the 30th for the sake of polishing smaller details.

I feel that the Music and SFX for Gutsy's Quest is going to help create a more robust experience for the game. I believe that the tracks will fit well into world of Gutsy's Quest as they're short and catchy, conforming to the standards of 8-16 bit era video game music. I think the instruments used fit but also give quirky charm to the game. By going over several versions I feel that I've got the best out of the compositions with in the time frame I had and hopefully everything will go together smoothly.

As for the sound effects I feel these will integrate well into Gutsy's Quest, with a mix of logical choices for sounds and ones designed to denote the action and familiarty in seasoned players but that also don't sound strange to the act that the audio is supposed to describe.

Considering I'm not as skilled as some people when it comes to sound design I felt I've made some good choices that will reflect Gutsy's Quest well and also make it seem like a more humble effort as it's still just two people behind the whole project. With the additional tracks that ended up being made this will make level design for the Game Republic show case easier and hopefully add variation to the game to make our's seem impressive. I'm proud of all the work Will and I have put in this game and when it all comes together on monday I think it'll be a defining moment, not just for the project but for Will and I as game designers.

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