Monday, 30 April 2012

Final Major Project: Gutsy's Quest Intro Storyboard

As part of the building of the game bible I thought it would be best to draw up a quick storyboard to illustrate how Gutsy came to be on his quest.

Originally This was going to be featured in the final Alpha build but our attention got shifted onto more pressing matters such as concept art, modelling, texturing and GUI design. That said this is pretty much what we had in mind. The story would play out using after effects to give basic animation to the scenes to give them a "storybook" feel, and like classic games there would be a text box at the bottom of the screen narrating what the player is seeing. (Inspired heavily by the way Mario 3D land told it's narrative between worlds)

This would have been great to put in and it's a shame that it got left out, perhaps it's something we can add for the Game Republic build. Overall I feel that with this storyboard it's more than a great stepping off point to build on the story should we decide (although the focus on story was never our intent with this project), another option is that I could put together a Gutsy's Quest comic as part of a promotion for the game. Either way, this storyboard illustrates perfectly clear why Gutsy is fighting skeletons in a forest and that's the important thing, hopefully we can find a use for this further down the line than just in the game bible.

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