Thursday, 26 April 2012

Final Major Project: GUI Final

I quickly went back and touched up the example screen and their icons with the right colours and adjusted the coin icon.

This is an example of how the final game and it's GUI should look, obviously there's more polish to be added in the game engine but this gives a pretty comprehensive example. The coin Icon doesn't seem just quite right but concerning time factors it's close enough and can be fixed up at a later stage for Game Republic, as it currently stands I think it's alright. The right colours have been added to the numbers and it really does make the difference. Gutsy's Quest does indeed have a specific pallet and straying too far away from the right shades does make thinks begin to look off some what.

With this the GUI work in it's whole is completed and I can move on to composing the Music and Sound effects which is most likely going to be an entirely different beast to tame.

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