Monday, 9 April 2012

Final Major Project: Graphic User Interface Development (Part 1)

When it came to developing the GUI the first thing we decided that it should appear on scrolls so obviously the first thing that needed to be done is to decide what the scroll should look like.

I drew up several variations and settled on using the one in the bottom left as I felt it would display information in a stylish way without being too invasive on the screen.

Again much like the other graphic parts of the game all I really thought about were the games I played and how they had their menus layed out. To put together the menus for Gutsy's Quest would just take basic design skills and understanding of game menus which I feel shouldn't be too hard.

With that settled Will and I decided what the scrolls should look like we decided on what should be featured on them. We settled on using the scrolls for the pause menu and instructional menus. Next comes putting together the actual GUI interface, considering the types of fonts to use, placement of the type and the wording of the instructions. This shouldn't be too hard and I think it'll be fun.

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