Monday, 9 April 2012

Final Major Project: Graphic User Inferface Development (Part 2)

To the right are the final designs for the instructional menu and the pause menu.

I created these on a canvas the same size of the screen so that I would know the best size to create the GUIs at. I chose the brown paper for the sake of contrasting against the colour pallet in mind for the game screen, these GUIs will appear on top of actual gameplay so making them simple and easy to read should make the game accessible.

The pause menu was a bit harder as I knew it would have to feature 'resume', 'restart' and 'quit' as there wouldn't be need for any other options. The scroll's design was completed with extra features such as the decal and the wax relief on the scroll just to fill up space and to generally add a bit more flavour to the look.

Along with these I also created "Ready" and "Go" title cues, a small arrow and a gloves hand for the cursor (seen above) which I feel work well too.

Overall I'm pleased with how the scrolls have turned out and trust that they will look good in the game as I feel they keep up with the aesthetic of Gutsy's Quest and translates the instructions in a clear manner.

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