Thursday, 26 April 2012

Final Major project: Game Over!

After touching up the GUI's I realised I also needed to create a game over screen for when the player dies. To make this I opened up a new document and tried a variation of layouts and rough designs until I settled on using a skeleton-fied Gutsy as the image for the Game over screen.

Next I made the "Gutsy" font for the game over and arranged the components of the piece until I felt they worked. The end result was the image to the right. I feel this works well as it's both humorous (kind of) but also sends across the message that the player died due to the use of black and the large words that read "GAME OVER". Hopefully I'll be able to get some music to bring this all together. The Skeleton Gutsy was created by really just taking the original concept art and drawing over the top of it with obvious design changes to make it look like our poor hero was caught by those terrible clattering pile of bones! I really like "Skeleton Gutsy" perhaps if Gutsy's quest continues he could be an unlockable character, but I'm definitely thinking of getting some stickers made up of him from promotional events.

Oddly enough these finishing stages are slowly becoming the most fun.

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