Monday, 30 April 2012

Final Major Project: The Future of Gutsy's Quest

Will and I have have been talking alot about how we're going to tackle Gutsy's Quest for the future, if there is a future for it outside of the two showcases.

Currently we have plans to expand the game with at least two playable levels with a more adventure themed game play (something similar to Legend of Zelda) Along with this we're in talks to re-do start screen art to make it fit more that just the one level that was developed, add in an extra enemy and put to use the extra music I composed. We're also in talks of adding in the intro with fully realised illustrations and animation to give the game that extra polish.

With the money we're thinking of sinking into Gutsy's Quest it would make sense for us to use it as a large part of our portfolio pieces and that with some of the items we're considering getting could make the decision for an employer to hire us over some one else.

We feel this isn't too much of a challenge and that Gutsy's Quest very well could have a future with us past completing university, even though we've not finished the alpha build yet, our heads are teeming with ideas of how we can take the game further and surely that's a good sign!

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