Monday, 23 April 2012

Final Major Project: Finalising the Game Level

With the Alpha channeled trees put in place I proceeded to add in the background border.

The background border was created by copying the alpha channel tree and duplicating it as a pattern repeatedly on the UV Map of the border. Using a mix of gradient and darkening the trees in the background of the border to give the illusion of depth on the flat image.

When put into the game environment the results were more than pleasing and really makes the difference to the level. Whilst perhaps making it a little claustrophobic it does add the finishing touches to the level and really make it seem more like a world/level than an environment floating in space.

Another detail that was added was the inclusion of alpha channeled grass. This really made the difference to the level as the floor was looking somewhat empty but it also adds character to the scene making the graveyard themed level look some what more typical of what you would expect a grave yard to be.

With those final touches the game level was complete. Overall I'm pleased with the way it looks and I think my previous comment of it looking somewhat timeless look rings even truer with the final result. The inclusion of the grass is an important part as I feel that the level could be received very differently. The final touches can now only be added in the game engine Unity, these are things such as mist and other particle effects as wells as shadows and other such details to make it appear more professional but even at this level I would present it as a portfolio piece.

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