Monday, 23 April 2012

Final Major Project: Final Crit

Today was the Final Crit for the project with just 10 days to go Will and I feel that we can complete the level for Friday the 27th of April. We presented our work thus far and it was well received by both tutors and students.

Will and I received many tips both for handing in our work and to the level itself. Firstly the audience agreed with my statement of the textures look none time specific and that they will look just as good in several years time.

Among the suggestions to make our game level better were:

  • Add blob shading to the level, this can be done either with textures, a shader or lighting in unity. 
  • Make the particles that surround the coins smaller.
  • Add directional lighting behind the alpha channeled trees
  • Adjust animations for the characters to give them more character (really no pun intended).

Will and I sat down after the crit to discuss what was left to do. For myself there were a few graphical elements left to be created as well as creating the audio and sound effects. I'll also be looking into ways we can promote Gutsy's Quest at the end of year show.

Further good news we received today is that our tutor asked us if they could enter us into the fifth Game Republic's Student Showcase. This is a great opportunity for us as both Will and I are confident in our skills and Gutsy's Quest as a game, especially now that we it completed and can easily make a larger level in a short amount of time so that after the hand in we can make Gutsy's Quest more of a beta game rather than an alpha. If I'm honest I'm getting really excited about this opportunity and think it could lead to great things for Will and I as it could lead to job placements or intern-ships at game studios as there are many high profile British game studios going to the event. Here's hoping we can knock them off their feet!

(If you're confused about the hat image, it's been my desktop background all year and avatr for the online moodle, it seemed appropriate for the final crit)

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