Monday, 2 April 2012

Final Major Project: Enemy Development (Part 1)

Once the concept art for Gutsy was completed I moved onto developing the enemies. Originally Will and I toyed with the idea of multiple types of Enemies ranging from wolves to dragons but to make sure we could reach our goals within a reasonable amount of time so we decided on using one of our choices from our pool of potential enemies.

We settled on using Skeletons as the level would take place in a graveyard, this was an obvious choice as we could add a bit of humour with the designs of the skeletons. With the design of Gutsy finalised we had a definite style choice to continue developing other characters and thus these preliminary designs came out of that. I tired to make sure the skeletons seemed comical but also slightly menacing, with a range of skeleton designs I feel that the centre design works best for the aesthetic look we're trying to achieve. I'll take this middle design and develop it further to create an interesting and fun enemy for players to go up against.

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