Monday, 2 April 2012

Final Major Project: Enemy Development (Part 2)

After completing preliminary designs for the enemy character I took the rough attributes of one of them to develop further into a final design.

The design of the skeleton to the left is the final one Will and I settled on. Taking the hunched posture of a previous design and developing the look further we felt that this was the skeleton we wanted to see in our game as it mirror's Gutsy in terms of being a knight/warrior class of enemy.

We also thought about creating variations on the design such as a warrior skeleton or a magician skeleton but felt this would deviate our time too much from completing the core experiences that would be Gutsy's Quest. Along the design process I've always asked Will for his opinion on the designs and I feel this has helped keep a focus on the look of the game that we both feel can work together with this also we feel that the overall art direction is consistent especially for the target market that we're aiming for.

Next I'll be turning this pencil design into the final design for the enemy character.

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