Monday, 2 April 2012

Final Major Project: Enemy Development (Part 3)

After developing a finalised design for the enemy character I imported the pencil work into Photoshop to create a final version of the design. Since completing the design for Gutsy I found a new Photoshop brush that works very much like a real ink brush that I've become very fond of using but also because I feel that it suits the style that we've aiming for with Gutsy's Quest.

To complete the final design I used the ink brush over the pencils to give the design more definition after that I coloured the design. I opted to use more of a cream colour for the bones make them more visible, doubly so against any background that the character would be in. The boots and gloves were design and coloured to very much reflect Gutsy's own design but the sword is made to be unique to the skeleton characters just to add variation.

The design of the face is done intentionally to give a goofy look the characters, again to chase that "Fun" aesthetic. Overall I feel this design works well as an enemies that can bee seen multiple times in one screen the design is also very stylised and in terms of technicality shouldn't be too hard to model.

I showed this design along with Gutsy's to several people ranging from friends and regular customers who come to my place of employment and there's a definite sense of interest in their comments. I feel with each passing design my skills and familiarity with the world we're creating grows stronger.

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