Thursday, 26 April 2012

Final Major Project: End of Year Show (Part 1)

Today we met to talk about the End of Year show where in which we'd be presenting our work. Much was discussed such as where 2nd years and 3rd years would display their work and ultimately where it would be shown.

In the end we came to the decision work would be shown based on discipline with specific signs to denoted which year is which. We also talked about trying to get sponsorships from various communities around Yorkshire.

By the end of the meeting it was decided we'd have a committee of six people (3 from each year and one from each discipline) to ultimately be in charge of organising the End of Year show, I was selected to represented the Game side of the third years. Come Monday the 3rd year side of the committee will be asking who is presenting what for the show and from there we will be meeting as a whole committee at a further undecided date to discuss further matters.

(Considering what happened with the last show back in February I think a committee is a good idea (and really the best approach) as everything was left to the last minute and nobody knew what they were doing until I became head organiser of the event a week before hand)

The End of Year Show starts on the 15th June and runs through to the 22nd June.

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