Monday, 30 April 2012

Final Major Project: Developing New Levels

As a part of preparation for the Game Republic Showcase, Will and I agreed we needed to show more than just an area based alpha.

With the game almost finished we believe that we can make levels on a much quicker scale than it took to get to this point in our project due to the fact that we have all the assets we need build into our Game Engine (Unity) and can just drop things in where needed. Should we want new assets, the process is just as easy too.

So if we were to create a new level all we would need is a floor plan with a map of where things should go, much like this image to the right here.

This is a map for the first level of Gutsy's Quest. Gutsy has just entered the forest and must venture deeper. Whilst the lay out is simple one must remember it's the first level so it shouldn't be hard, Gutsy's Quest focuses on racking up points via finding items and defeating enemies. I feel that this would be the perfect method for developing more levels and helps keep development of those levels relatively simple.

The Future of Gutsy's Quest is still uncertain but I believe will and I can knock 'em dead at the GR Showcase if we put the best of these ideas into play.

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