Thursday, 26 April 2012

Final Major Project: Composing Gutsy's Soundtrack (Part 1)

Now that I've finished the GUI stage of production it's time I moved onto the audio production. Will and I did have a fellow class mate lined up to create the music for us but unfortunately he couldn't complete the work due to time constraints so it's up to me to handle the music stage.

Will and I sat down on Monday and discussed what sounds we would need. Music wise we would need compositions for the starts screen, Background music and game over music. Sound effects wise we need sounds for; Walking in grass, attack (hit and miss), pick ups (coin/ hearts), wood breaking (for crates and barrels), enemies being defeated, poof sounds for enemies appearing, Gutsy dying and selected sounds (perhaps two one for the start game, pause etc. and one for the tutorial scrolls).

To achieve the right kind of sound is crucial as the wrong sounds may make the game appear weird or less impressive. Ideally we want sounds that are not orchestral scores but simple little loops that are catchy and have a very comical/fantasy kind of feel.

My inspirations for this part of the project are composers such as Koji Kondo, the man behind the music of some of Nintendo's greatest games such as Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda. David Wise, the composer of Donkey Kong Country 2's soundtrack and finally the whole score of music found in Super Ghosts n' Ghouls.

Ideally I want the sound effects to follow the ones found in these 16 bit era games, nothing to real worldy and something that sounds fun.

With an idea of the aesthetic of the audio in my mind I set off to creating Gutsy's Score!

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