Friday, 27 April 2012

Final Major Project: Composing Gutsy's Soundtrack (Part 3)

After going over the tracks I had made I felt that I had enough to work with and apply to the game. Taking my notes from my first versions I posted I adjusted these to make them (theoretically) work for the game than their previous versions. I also managed to create a theme for Gutsy that currently as it stands isn't quite up to the standard that I would want it to be but I think there's definetly something there that can be built upon. Below are the final versions of the score and Gutsy's Lietmotif.

Track 1: The Skeleton March. Adjusting the original version of this track. The main problem was the track sounded as though it changed key half way through and by taking out one of the instruments I feel that I've managed to make this shift a little less noticble. I also added an organ in the background just to pad out the sound. This track will be used for the Graveyard Level (currently the only level) and I think it's a good choice for it as it'll re-enforce the idea that Skeleton's are coming towards the player.

Track 2: Gravestone Valley (Start Menu).This version of the Gravestone Valley track is a bit more stripped down from the first version, with just drums coming in and no plucked Zheng really makes it appropriate for the start screen (at least with it's current illustration). Overall I'm happy with the tone of this track and believe it'll work well.

Track 3:  Game Over.This version of the Game Over track is almost identical to the original except that the second melody that plays only plays for half the time of the original track. I feel this works better for the sake of making it catchier but also shorter. I feel that this track will work well with the game over screen I developed.

Track 4: Gutsy's March. Finally, this was the last track I put together. I spent some time on the main melody to try get the right sound and whilst I feel that I got the right meoldy for a tune that cqan represent Gutsy I feel that the overall composition doesn't quite fit. I do like how the track mirrors the Skeleton's March and gives a nice contrast between the two because of thier different melodies but similar drum beats. I'll develop this track further for use as the start menu music for the Game Republic show.

Overall I'm pleased with the progress I've made on and feel that the final tracks will suit Gutsy's Quest well and add to the charm we're trying to achieve. Due to time constraints I couldn't master the tracks to get them sounding their best but I feel as they are they are more than acceptable. With this stage of the music development complete I can move onto sourcing and creating the sound effects.

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