Friday, 27 April 2012

Final Major Project: Communication is Key

For this project Will and I have found that communicating with each other is a key part of this project. Before easter break we would meet up every monday to discuss how we would approach the week in front of us and we found this worked very well as we could get on with it and show each other what we had done the following Monday and move on from there.

Whilst we've been doing that we've also been communicating by using Facebook for when we have a more urgent matter, this works well too as we're often on the computer and respond to each other fairly quickly. Along with these forms of communication we've been keeping track of the conversations we have concerning Gutsy's Quest and how we should tackle each step in a little black moleskin note book, to which contains extensive notes on how the game plays works, points values and other such details concerning the overall project. This book will most likely be a key component for when it comes to creating the GAME BIBLE.

I think this project couldn't have got to this stage without all the communication we had and that keep notes and the system we developed has helped keeps on track as well. Honestly I'm not quite sure if we could have communicated with each other any better. The fact that the game is almost complete a full week before the deadline shows that we've put the effort in.

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