Friday, 20 April 2012

Final Major Project: Character Texture Evaluation

Now that the Skeleton and Gutsy have been textured I thought it would be a good oppertunity to stop and reflect on the work and quality of it so far.

Since the previous project I feel I've learned alot more about UV mapping and texturing. One key thing is the level at which I completed the UV mapping, previously my maps were slightly cluttered, this time round though I took extra care unwrapping the models and making sure that there was no way for opposing components to overlap and cause problems when painting. This resulted in clear texture painting that was easy to understand and really made the difference to previous projects. I had also developed my own way of unwrapping uv maps that I feel due to the quality of the final product is at a more than acceptible level.

Along with Luke Ahearn's book "3D Game Textures", I also got advice from two friends with jobs at game studios for when it comes to texture painting, this was along the lines of using gradients and airbrushing instead of just a flat brush. The advice, of which I utilised in this project really paid off and gave the work a much more professional look at.

Overall when looking at the texture painting work I feel the most important thing to take away from it are two things. Firstly the models with the textures on look reasonably close enough the designs and secondly (under the right shader in unity) I feel these capture the art style we're trying to go for. Trying to capture the cartoony look was a weird less is more kind of affair, during the texturing of Gutsy I fired up Ocarina of Time to see how to create fake folds but I couldn't quite figure it out. Currently I feel that I've completed the textures to the best of my abilitiy and thankfully they look at an acceptable level to use and portray what we want to get across. The time that it took to create the textures as well I thought were just about right, ofcourse things could always be quicker but if I keep at this on a regular basis this could be a great strength for me as a member of a work force.

Overall I feel the textures and modelling could be better but they are also the best pieces I've worked on thus far which shows great improvement especially in contrast to previous efforts and I feel by trying to tackle a specific art style than just "realism" I've set myself up for a good challenge as it's always hard to paint a texture than just over lay a real world one. I would like to continue working on modelling and texturing as a skill as I want to find out how to create even better textures for even more complex models, who knows, this could perhaps lead to more work on Gutsy as a larger game.

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