Monday, 23 April 2012

Final Major Project: Battlefield Heroes

When talking with a friend about how I wanted my game to look (in the most idealogical circumstances and if I had professional skills). I used the game Battlefield Heroes as an example of the type of art direction that is taken with Gutsy's Quest.

It was actually whilst looking at the images that Google presented that I realised that I needed to add grass to the level. Regardless Battlefield Heroes art direction when it comes to modelling the whole work is something that I would have loved to work on (or explore which would be some what hard with it being an Online shooter). More specifically the method in which the characters are modelled. I'll admit that my modelling skills are still at an amateur level as I always have problems trying to model the face more specifically a stylised face.

Looking at the way faces in Battlefield Heroes are modelled it seems so simple, using more of a cylinder shape as opposed to my method of just trying to get the face to match the design. the other details of the face in the 'Heroes models show very little modification, the brow and nose could easily be extruded from the geometry. It seems that simplicity is the key to making stylised models and it definitely something I would attempt next time I have to model a character. The key to model it seems, is a strange mix of rules where complexity and simplicity dance between each other but is a weird balance between the two.

Texturing for the game is a mix of painted graphic textures with some real world texture maps to add to the feeling of the games individual aesthetic and it works well for it. If I do another game with a stylised aesthetic you can bet that Battlefield Heroes will be a strong source of influence.

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