Monday, 23 April 2012

Final Major Project: Alpha Textures

With the textures fixed I set about putting together the design of the level. Using the rough layout in my note book I made it semi randomised but also more arena like than the prototype which was just a square.

One key thing that was also added was the trees around the level. Added in by suggestion of a friend, the idea of using a flat plane with a tree painted on it to give the illusion of depth without the compromise of polygons for fully rendered trees. Also by slightly bending the plane helps make this illusion stand out a little more.

There were some difficulties when creating the alpha channel as when I first completed the tree and imported it into maya there was a white edge border around the whole thing. When I inspected why this was happing in the photoshop file it became apparent that it was due to the red in the alpha channel layer not being right up to the edge of the tree graphic. After some careful painting I got the alpha channel to read right up to the edge of the graphic.

This was a fun new challenge for me as I hadn't really tackled alpha channels before, it was also a strange challenge to try make a flat graphic that would look like it belonged amongst the  the 3d texture painted objects but I think I got that to work and the flat tree looks like just another part of Gutsy's World.

With the alpha trees added all that's left is to add the background border.

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