Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Twisted Metal dev. Layoffs

In Another report found on, the developer behind the Twisted Metal games has been hit with Layoffs including David Jaffe who has directed the series as well as the God of War Series. The report read:

[Update: Jaffe has responded to today's news, confirming that layoffs were had, but addressing talk of casual development by saying, "I have zero plans to make games like FARMVILLE and ANGRY BIRDS. I never said what I was doing post TM ... I will be opening a game studio here in San Diego because I really miss internal game development. Happy to share more details later."]

Eat Sleep Play is the latest studio to be hit by the, "develop big game, kill off a bunch of jobs" phenomenon. The Twisted Metal developer has lost eight employees to continue with a staff of 26, and it would appear that even the infamous David Jaffe is leaving.

The studio will be sticking to iPad and iPhone games in the future, with co-founder Scott Campbell calling the move "pretty exciting" and looking forward to "reaching a lot more people." Even so, it looks like a step down for a team that's got a major PS3 exclusive on the horizon.

As for Jaffe? There's talk of him going into the casual games market, but he has said on Twitter that such rumors are "highly exaggerated" and they won't be casual games "as you know them." He has, so far, said nothing else beyond that.

Whatever happens, there's something fundamentally wrong with this industry where things like this happen so regularly.

Relating back to the figure of the amount of UK game developers who are moving on to exclusively digital releases and with this report of a previous games console developer "Taking a step down" to focus on ios games and the comment of this being an all to regular occurrence it's really a sign on the times on where to focus efforts in being employed, doubly so if it's a case of big name games getting developed and then the team being disbanded as there seems to be increasingly more security in developing these digital exclusive games.

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