Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Final Major Project: Gutsy's Quest Logo

When it came to designing the logo I developed several designs and amongst those was a logo inspired by the logo for Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

When presenting the various logos to people for their opinion the one they all picked was the shield/Zelda styled logo so with that decided I set out to further the design and finalise it from a rough pencil drawing into something that can be used. The shield logo would also work well as a singular icon for desktops/ios thumbnails etc.

Seen in the image to the right shows the step taken to design the logo, first by choosing an Ariel font and placing it in the right position over the sketch. Next I used the pen tool to trace over the shapes and adjust them into position.
The colour scheme was chosen as it uses primary colours that would stick out an immediately grab the viewer's attention. Ultimately the swords were removed from the design as they became too cumbersome and brought too much attention to the source of influence. Once the colours and appropriate shading has been added I moved onto the font by adding the yellow colour and white and black stroke around the words. I finally added some effects such as lens flare on the font and drop shading around the whole logo.

Overall I feel this is a really good logo that suits the type of game we're developing and in some respects sets the colour scheme for the concept art. I'm also particularly proud of this piece as I feel it looks quite professional. The logo will be used in concept art sheets and in the final product.

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