Thursday, 23 February 2012

Final Major Project: Gutsy Development (Part 2)

Taking the base body of the previous design I set out trying to develop Sir Gutsy from there. Replacing the helmet with the beared face which eventually was change to a moustache (In reference to a certain other video game character). Funnily enough I modelled this design off a co-worker and by turning the hair of Gutsy into a lighting bolt gave a little bit of humour to the design (along with the large forehead). I like the idea of a face being given to Gutsy but besides the fact that he's brave leaves his personality slight bland allowing players to project themselves much more easily onto the character (most notable character for this is Mario, think about it, what is Mario's personality?).

I decided to draw out versions of this rough concept for the final gutsy, making little changes with each new sketch, such as loosing the shoulder armour and changing the designs of the gauntlets and icon on his chest (the icon was drawn just before the logo was designed and changed to make a connection between the two for better consistancy). Overall I feel this design
works well for the style it's drawn in gives a really appealing look for a general all audience feel, I'll be continuing to develop this Gutsy and stlye (As I feel it'll work for the overall Art Direction of the game). So far I've shown the design to a small few friends and the general consensus is that it works well for the market we're aiming for.

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