Thursday, 23 February 2012

Final Major Project: Gutsy Development (Part 3)

I started to do some colour development with some of the previous sketches. This first colour scheme was developed rather quickly the main thing to take away is that yellow doesn't work well for the character along with the inclusion of one shade of grey (two really should be used). I decided to go with a Mario-effect for the hair using a two-tone for the motif but I'm not totally decided on this yet.

When going over the design I added little notes on where to re-design things to ultimately work on for future designs.

This second version shows a more developed colour scheme (the sketch taken from an older design) that I feel works much better, whilst the overall tone is a bit darker the colours work much better together and I feel that this is the right colour scheme for Gutsy, whilst there are a few changes left to be added to the design overall I feel this colour scheme will work the best when applied to the final design.

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