Thursday, 23 February 2012

Final Major Project: Gutsy Development (Part 4)

To the left is the final design for Sir Gutsy, firstly the most noticable changes are that his eyebrows are now blonde too and he now has a shield as seen in the Logo. There have been minor changes to the design such as the way his tunic is formed and the gloves and boots.

The point of these changes were to make the character more easy to model such as the guantlets to make them still visually noticible but easier to create in maya. The main reason why I changed the hair was that I felt that the black eyebrows and moustache made Gutsy look a little 'dark' (as mentioned by various people I showed the colour schemes too) so I tried this blonde look and felt it worked quite well and should juts go with it. The shield was added to draw a further relation to the logo.

The sword was slightly redesigned and recoloured to make it stand out and the use of yellow on the hilt, I feel really makes it stand out especially when it comes to playing the game, making it stand out from Gutsy's blue tunic.

I feel that the two tones of grey used to define the difference between the two metals work well enough to highlight different areas but to also break up the colour scheme slightly.

What really worked well for the design is that I had 50 stickers of the top image created at a recent exhibit and managed to hand out all off them to the guests. The feed back to the design was positive and when explaining the game was to ultimately be developed for ios devices they were even more positive of the design with one or two guests even saying they were looking forward to the final game.

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