Thursday, 23 February 2012

Final Major Project: Developing Gutsy (Part 1)

When it came to developing the character of Gutsy I started out by drawing various head designs to try capture the right 'feel' for the character. I really began to like the rough sketch on the right of the more 'cartoony' beared Gutsy as I felt it would be something that could easily be received by all audiences.

I continued to experiment further though, trying different avenues for a distinct 'look' for the Gutsy character (and in relation the whole game). Keeping in mind in tone we want for the game. These head shots were a good start and over the years I found it's often a good place to go to go for the beginning.

Here I tried to stick with a fairly light hearted theme to the characters whilst trying to give these 3 different designs a unique look focusing on level of armour. The larger/broad beared knight works well as a design but I felt it didn't quite fit my idea of Gutsy as he looked too heroic and the idea of Gutsy whilst being brave is meant to appear a bit more comical. The design below of the character with least armour was isntantly scrapped as a possibility for Gutsy as it seemed too smug looking.

The final concept in the left was a good start the body build was about right, appearing almost lanky, they style is also a bit more simplified too which could work to the advantage when modelling, I also feel that the armour works quite well to the concept of Gutsy.

When designing these three I allowed at the moodboard for armour designs, taking care to note the detail of how the armour works with each joining piece. From here I think I'll be trying to develop the top left Gutsy design further.

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