Sunday, 15 January 2012

Final Major Project: Time Management & Gantt Charts

With the project pressing on Wii and I decided it would be best (at the suggestion of our tutors) to put together a Gantt Chart to better maintain time of the project using visual cues to show when various parts of the project should begin and end. To create this Gantt chart we used a program called "Gantt Project", a piece of freeware thats quick and easy to use.

We used three colours to identify which tasks we'll be dealing with, Will's tasks are signified by the blue bars, my tasks are the red ones and tasks that are to be completed by both of us are coloured in Purple (being a mix of red and blue). Down the left side of the chart lists the various tasks we should complete for the project (along with start and end times) and over the top is a calendar/date layout.

Using this chart becuase of it's visual properties is a great way of keeping on top of the project and making sure that things get done, for this reason we carefully considered the amount of time it would take to complete various tasks and over estimated them, we also constucted these periods of time around key dates such as the intrim crit, final crit and hand in dates.

In all honesty I was hasty to create a gantt chart as I wasn't quite sure how but by using this software it was a much simpler process than I first thought and it does really help to keep an idea of time in my mind but also see how much time I have. I feel fo future projects I'll be using the program "Gantt Project" and Gantt charts to manage my time much more efficiently.

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