Friday, 6 January 2012

Final Major Project: Spiral Knights

Whilst looking over Steam's most recent Sale I found this game by the name of Spiral Knights.

Spiral Knights is an MMO game where in players control Spiral Knights to fight against enemies, they can go solo but it's implied that you should team up as it's meant to be a co-operative game.

Several things made it catch my eye, firstly, there's the art style. The graphics are simple, cartoonish but effective. Like Mario 3D Land it's easy to differenciate you player character from other players, environments and enemies. Also theres the textures simple but bright and colourful. I also like the designs of the characters and the environment as it could attract players of all natures, theres also the inclusion of customisability to the player's armour which adds a nice little touch of making your knight unique.

Next there's the story, very simple. You and your fellow knights have crash landed on a strange planet and have to fight to survive by teaming up. You can also trade and communicate with fellow players. What I also admire most is that the game has a very humble outward appearance and is Java based, this gives me hope for our game as the first version will most likely be a web based one and if Spiral Knights looks this good maybe Will and I can create something halfway decent.

The gameplay is also not overly complicated, pretty much consiting of move character, use weapon, switch weapon. I felt it's just be nice to bring up that I've noticed a game that's similar in aesthetic and game principles to the one we want to create, on closer inspection of things like the environment and it's textures make me wonder how they were made and if it's possible for use to create something as similar rather than an area with one texture populated by props. I feel this will require some further research though. If anything looking at spiral knights has made me realise I should research more into how Backgrounds are made and how a game based off Java will run in steam.

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